Frequently Asked Questions


How to claim a wristband?

Wristbands for Fall Festival should be obtained prior to the event, by visiting the Event Productions Office, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Wristbands can be claimed until September 6th. Please bring ticket confirmation from online registration. Wristbands can also be claimed upon arriving at Fall Festival.


Why do I need a wristband?

A Fall Festival wristband will grant access to all the evening’s activities, including rides, games, and more. Each wristband will be redeemable for one main meal. No one will be allowed access to the event without a wristband. 


Who needs a ticket? 

Everyone. A wristband is needed for all the evening’s activities, including food, snacks, drinks, rides, inflatables, and games.


My one year old isn’t going to be eating, does he really need a wristband? 

Wristbands are free for infants 2 years and under, and we encourage you to get one for your infant or toddler for safety reasons; if you get separated, a staff member will contact the phone number you write on your child’s wristband.


What’s the meal this year? 

Everyone will get a ticket along with their wristband, to redeem for 1 meal: hot dog & chips. The wristband will also get you access to all the snacks and drinks, and no ticket is needed.