the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Breakout Sessions

Below is a list of the breakout sessions offered during the conference. You will choose ONE session when you register for the conference.


Spiritual disciplines: Habits of Christlikeness | Donald S. Whitney

Pauline theology: A lifestyle of discipleship | Tom Schreiner

Biblical theology: A whole-Bible view of following Christ | Jim Hamilton

Missions & evangelism: Disciple-making here and there | Adam Greenway

World religions: A survey of religions | Scott Bridger

Manhood: Cultivating character that honors Christ | Randy Stinson

Womanhood: Cultivating character that honors Christ | Mary Mohler

Sports: Discipling through competition | David Prince

Biblical counseling: A call to intentionality | Jeremy Pierre

Risky gospel: Abandon fear and build something awesome | Owen Strachan

That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.