the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Breakout Sessions

Below is a list of the breakout sessions offered during the conference. You will choose ONE session when you register for the conference.


The holiness of God and marketplace ministries | Jon Clauson

Is there still a need for Global missions? Who should go and how do I know if I am called to Global missions? In this session you will learn about the great need and urgency of the Global missions. Jon Clauson will teach you about the importance taking the Gospel to the “ends of the earth.”

Apologetics | Dan DeWitt

What arguments are typically used against Christianity and how can I use apologetics help my conversations with family, friends, and roommates? Apologetics are one of the ways we can “be prepared to give a reason for the hope that we have” (1 Peter 3:15). Dan DeWitt will teach you ways you can employ apologetics in Gospel conversations.

Distinctives of the Christian life | Greg Gilbert

There are some things that should characterize a Christian’s life. Things like holiness, prayer, devotion to God’s Word, communion with God, should have a heavenly distinctness that permeates the Christian’s life. Greg Gilbert will lead, in this session, to consider the great joy we have in leading lives that model Christ’s character.

Evangelism | Adam Greenway

Evangelism -  is it relational or only proclamation? How do I engage in meaningful conversations that lead to the Gospel? Come learn from a gifted evangelist about how to rightly think about and engage in evangelism.

A life dependent on the word of God | Jim Hamilton

“To whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life?” Do you, like Peter, depend on God’s Word for your life and godliness? What would it look like and how would your life change if you relied on God’s truth found in the Bible? Jim Hamilton will teach you about the importance of God’s Word and why it is good and proper for you to read God’s Word.

Biblical tools for encouraging others | Heath Lambert

The Christian life can sometimes be difficult, circumstances change, distractions come, or there are seasons of suffering. The Bible calls all Christians to spur one another on towards love and good deeds. Heath Lambert will lead this session give you a framework and the Biblical tools to help encourage one another in our walk with Christ.

Biblical womanhood | Mary Mohler

Biblical womanhood is as important an issue today as it was in Jesus’ day but what does it mean to be a biblical woman? What are the major callings that are given to women through the Bible? The Bible is a book about how to find true and lasting joy in Christ and a part of that is being a woman who not only loves reading the Word but loves obeying the Word. Come hear from Mary Mohler about the beautiful truths and the unique dignity given by God to women.

Philosophy: Developing a Christian worldview | Jim Parker

There have been many philosophers that have made significant contributions to how we perceive life and how we live life. Can we as Christians learn any truth from them or should we reject their conclusions? Jim Parker will help you as Christian philosophers be equipped to think critically through some of the most important area to philosophy.

Taming the tongue | Jeremy Pierre

Christians are to speak in such a way the body of Christ is built up. The body of Christ will mature by both standing against ‘every wind of doctrine…by deceitful schemes’ and ‘speaking the truth in love.’ Come hear from Jeremy Pierre about the ways you as a Christian can speak in such a way that Christ’s body is being built.

Reading the Bible as you Moonwalk with Einstein | Robert L. Plummer

Using memorization techniques described in the NY Times bestseller ‘Moonwalking with Einstein,’ Dr. Plummer will teach you how to approach the Bible in a way that pleases God and helps you understand the meaning of the text. As you walk out of this session, you are guaranteed to be able to recount 7 guidelines for interpreting the Bible without referencing any of your notes.

Doing all things to the glory of God | David Prince

There is a clear command in the Bible to do all things to the Glory of God but what exactly does that mean? How can I leverage every moment for God’s glory? David Prince will provide insight into living life displaying God’s glory.

Union with Christ | Tom Schreiner

Union with Christ is the Christian’s hope of glory. There are few doctrines that are as crucial to the Christian life as knowing what it means that we are united with Christ. Tom Schreiner will teach you about the benefits of what Christ has accomplished for a sinner who trusts in Him.

The missionary call | David Sills

We cannot forget the ever-important reality of missions. Everywhere you look and everywhere you go you will find people who have no hope and are without God. But Christians have been given not only the Good News but a Great Commission. Come hear from David Sills as he teaches you about the importance and the call to engage in missions.

Gospel proclamation | Kevin Smith

What other duty does the Christian have than ‘to proclaim the excellencies of him who has called us out of darkness and into his marvelous light’? The Gospel is good news to be proclaimed by all Christians everywhere. We are all heralds of the message of the Kingdom. Come hear from Kevin Smith about the ever important role of proclamation.

Being holy men | Randy Stinson

What makes men distinctive? What makes men holy? This session you will be taught about what it means to be holy men and how to strive for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord”. You will learn valuable lessons from Randy Stinson as he teaches you from God’s Word and shares with you in his story.

Spiritual disciplines | Donald S. Whitney

It is the work of the Spirit of God to apply the truth of God’s Word to sanctify you, but what is your role?  What does the Bible say about the spiritual disciplines and the role they play in your sanctification.  Come hear from Don Whitney about the grace of God in the spiritual disciplines.

Devote yourselves to one another | Gregory Wills

The Church is Christ’s Bride, devoted to him and devoted to one another but what exactly does it mean to ‘devote yourselves to one another’?  How do we live out this truth and what impact will it have on our life, our family, our community of faith, and our community at large?  Come hear from Greg Wills as he teaches you about the priority of our love for one another.




That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.