Renown Youth Conference is a two-day discipleship conference, hosted by Boyce College for high school students. Renown is geared towards Christian high school students with the aim to develop and mature them in their faith. We do this through biblical teaching by experienced and faithful speakers and with thoughtful, engaging worship music. This conference includes breakout sessions which offer smaller settings of more narrowed perspectives on specific topics in the Christian life.

This is a high-energy, and fast-paced conference with a lot of content, focusing on real and important issues for high school students in a compact amount of time. This is a great opportunity for youth leaders to participate in the growth and spiritual maturation of their high school students. Plus, it gives them the opportunity to visit the campus of Boyce College and Southern Seminary.

Check out R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President of Southern Seminary and Boyce College, speak at last years Renown Youth Conference to get an idea of the high-caliber teaching you will get at this years Renown Youth Conference, 2018.