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In New England, the history can be felt, for the past glory still intrudes stubbornly, irrepressibly. From the first pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock, to the epochal revivals of Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield, to the transcendentalist reflections of Henry David Thoreau at Walden Pond, New England boasts more theologians, philosophers, and national heroes than any other region of America. To examine these nation-shaping events and figures in light of their theological and cultural significance enables us to understand God’s remarkable mercies throughout American history in profound and insightful ways. This is why I want personally to invite you to the Southern Seminary Expedition to New England.

Join our world class faculty as they give on-site lectures concerning the various historical and theological ramifications of important sites. Discuss with them both historical meaning and current trends in one of the epicenters of contemporary culture. The courses, which cover a wide historical and theological front, will compel interest for their substance and relevance. This trip will make an impact on you and your ministry. You will not want to miss this opportunity.

There is so much to explore. Let the expedition begin.

Dr. Gregory A. Wills
Professor of Church History; Associate Dean, Theology and Tradition






That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.