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Alumni Academy: Counseling the Hard Cases (Louisville, KY)

Alumni Academy: Counseling the Hard Cases (August 1-2, 2013; Louisville, KY)

Conference Summary: Join Drs. Stuart Scott and Heath Lambert as they teach Counseling the Hard Cases on August 1-2, 2013 for one of our forthcoming Alumni Academy courses. This class will flow from their recently published work Counseling the Hard Cases: True Stories Illustrating the Sufficiency of Gods Resources in Scripture. The class will be a study of the sufficiency of the Bible as a resource for handling counseling problems.  Scott and Lambert will demonstrate Scripture’s competency to speak to the most difficult and complex counseling problems, which are theological at heart.  Because of Scripture’s sufficiency in this regard pastors and counselors can be assured that Scripture contains all things necessary for counseling the hard cases in counseling ministry.  Participants will come to understand that Scripture is relevant to the counseling task, and that the grace of Christ in Scripture ensures help in even the most difficult issues of life.  This Alumni Academy will not deal in theological abstractions but will demonstrate how the sufficiency of Scripture relates to real people and impacts your ministry. If you are interested in how the proverbial “rubber meets the road” then this Alumni Academy will be immensely valuable.

This Alumni Academy will also feature special guests: Jeremy Pierre, Eric Johnson, and Martha Peace

Course Offering: This conference will count for Studies in Counseling (35077 CT)

*You can also earn credit for Typical Problems in Biblical Counseling (34330) by taking this course. For more information, contact Southern Seminary’s academic registrar.

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Please note: this course has limited space. It is open to the first 40 students to register

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