Lifeway Leadership Pipeline (October 11-13; Nashville, TN)

Conference Summary: Ephesians 4 says that the calling of church leaders is not simply to do the work of ministry but to train the people in the work of the ministry in order to have healthy and effective churches. Pipeline equips attendees to do just that. This year’s theme, “Succession at Every Level, focuses on the importance of developing people in every church ministry and context. Every person who serves or leads is an interim and will move on at some point for some reason. Is your church ready to replace them when they do? If you have a leadership pipeline you will be. Southern Seminary is excited to offer a course in conjunction with this excellent event.

Course Offering: 

Join Dan Dumas in 42577 CT: Studies in Leadership: Lead Smart to cultivate and implement a biblical framework for leadership. Students will attend all of the conference, including a meeting with the professor on Oct 13. Each student is responsible for their own travel and lodging.

See the course syllabus here.