Though the Scripture teaches that there is a faith once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 3), there are still significant points of theological difference revolving around issues related to the nature of the church, the covenants, and eschatology.  It is our positions on these theologically significant topics that create denominational dividing lines.  The only way that we can get at these differences, and then argue for an alternative position, is to do a renewed examination of these theologies in the light of the biblical witness, specifically the Bible’s own structure.

This Alumni Academy Class will discuss the narrative plot structure of the Bible, for the biblical covenants form the backbone and framework of the biblical storyline and serve as the means by which God progressively brings about his kingdom through Jesus Christ.  This class will address the relationship of the covenants to biblical theology as well as systematic theology; the class will also focus on significant hermeneutical issues that arise from our study of the covenants.

Thank you for your participation in this class and for serving your church or ministry by returning to campus to invest in further theological learning. We pray this course challenges you to further study God’s word and enables you to articulate with greater clarity the Kingdom of God in Christ.

Peter Gentry & Steve Wellum